curated by Daniele Capra
Udine, Casa Cavazzini
May 12 – June 16, 2013

Unveiling its new project room, Casa Cavazzini Museum of Modern and Contemporary art hosted Stones, solo show of Ivan Moudov, one of the most well-known artist of the Bulgarian scene.
The exhibition, organized in collaboration with RAVE East Village Artist Residency, showed a dozen works made by the artist in the last years as well as site-specific installations created for the museum.

In summer 2012 Ivan Moudov spent several weeks in Friuli, in Trivignano Udinese, at RAVE Residency, a farmhouse where animals saved from the slaughter live. On that occasion, the artist projected the work Stones, that was hosted in the garden of Casa Cavazzini until December 2013 and was a disturbing surprise for the visitor.
All the museum was used by the artist, who envisioned a relocation of his works in order to trigger a forceful short-circuit between the context of the exhibition and his works. The central core of the old Casa Cavazzini (“Cavazzini House”) as the kitchen or 30’s old fashioned bathroom hosted an unexpected contamination between historical environment and contemporary elements.
The work of Ivan Moudov is characterized by an intense and sharp analysis of the relationships of power between people and generally accepted conventions. The artist frequently uses an abstract rule about a particular aspect of life (such as the right of way for those who know how passing a roundabout or the freedom to enter / exit freely from one room) forcing to extreme interpretations, but showing spectators how it is possible to get personal benefits from a law. In many of his works the viewer is misled in unexpected situations to the limits of verisimilitude: the reality and the work of art (that is by definition fictional) overlap to such an extent that the visitor realizes he was fooled.
The artist also gets involved personally, as witness to the flow of time (as in Performing Time, a video performance where he stands for 24 hours counting the minutes without any artificial tools for measuring time) or as activator of relations among the visitors at the opening offering them a special wine made for the event (Wine for Opening).

A bilingual catalog (Ita/Eng) was presented at the finissage of the show. The book collects the activities of RAVE Residency, the pictures of the works installed in the museum, texts and interview on the artist, as well as the special project Full Page for which three pages of the book has been on sale for collectors.
The exhibition was produced by Vulcano.

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