the residency


Tu lo sai quel luogo, quel Friuli

che solo il vento tocca, ch’è un profumo!
– Pier Paolo Pasolini, Quadri Friulani

RAVE East Village Artist Residency, created by Isabella Pers and Tiziana Pers with the collaboration of Giovanni Marta, is an artist project that takes place in the heart of the Friuli countryside. It welcomes an internationally renowned artist, inviting him/her to envisage and develop a research project in relation to this specific context, in the land and territory that Pasolini loved so much.

RAVE is the only residency dealing with the role and responsibility of contemporary art in relation to the otherness represented by animals, and more generally with the need to rethink ourselves and our world through biocentrism. Furthermore it supports contemporary artistic research, production, dialogue and diffusion, promoting non-specist thinking in an original and innovative art project. The residency takes place in a farmhouse inhabited by many animals that were saved from the slaughterhouse through Tiziana Pers’ artistic performances. They have been saved from consumer mechanisms and are now hosted and cared for in a natural environment thanks to a non-profit voluntary association. This aspect gives the place a unique, authentic atmosphere where it is possible to freely interact with the physical environment.

The artist in residence is asked to create a new project, produced with the assistance of Rave in collaboration with Vulcano, to partecipate at talks and multidisciplinary dialogues and to held a workshop or a meeting with young artists or students.

The programme is then documented by an annual publication.

RAVE artist-in-residence:

2011 Adrian Paci, Inside the Circle, video

2012 Ivan Moudov, Stones, installation

2014 Regina Josè Galindo, La oveja negra, performance

2015 Diego Perrone, Piedi

2016 Tomas Saraceno, work in progress