RAVE needs your help

RAVE needs your help
The Crowdfunding campaign will open on June 1, 2017

The first Crowdfunding campaign to support RAVE East Village Artist Residency project will open on June 1st, 2017.
RAVE is the first animal sanctuary that every year host and manage an artistic residency in a place where animals saved from slaughter and consumer mechanisms come here to find new life. The Residency develops a research project in relation to this specific context opening the dialogue between contemporary art and biospecism theory. With the crowdfunding campaign we want to give continuity to this unique project: with your help we will continue to save animals and we will continue to realize the art residency programs as a medium of the antispecism philosophy.

Why we need your help

We’re a no profit association and supporting this project and all the hosted animals in our sanctuary is a complex activity. We decided to undertake this challenge: your help will support all the expenses needed to take care of the animals in our animal sanctuary. Furthermore your help will support all the organizational expenses of the residency that every year hosts internationally renowned artist, inviting him/her to envisage and develop a research project in relation to this specific context.

We strongly believe in the potentialities of this project that every years engages a huge network from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region to all the national territory and abroad: galleries, museums, companies, public institutions and universities…It’s essentials for us that this project continue to stay alive for an awareness on the primordial value of every life and on a new vision for the artistic research.
Diego Perrone-foto programma-liberazione dell'asino e del capretto-foto Sara Francovig
Our Crowdfunding campaign will come on June 1, 2017, if you would like to support us or simply stay updated subscribe to our Newsletter!


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