2nd edition

August 2012

357_075-DSC01571.JPG_ph Pers RAVE 2012_Moudov-creazione Stones

IVAN MOUDOV will be the guest artist for RAVE 2012. The Bulgarian artist (who follows in the steps of Adrian Paci, guest artist in 2011) is one of the most highly considered artist of his generation in the country. He works primarily with video, photography, installation and performance. His work is characterised by a compelling conceptual strength and a desire to derail the comfort of established patterns of thought. It pays particular attention to the investigation of power relationships and limitations between people and institutions.

RAVE also offers a number of workshops and public conferences with a transversal approach, bringing together experts from the art world and intellectuals from numerous fields. The 2012 edition will pay particular attention to dialogue and constructive exchange in a kind of buen retiro for contemporary art (for details click here).

RAVE East Village Artist Residency is a project created by Isabella and Tiziana Pers in collaboration with Giovanni Marta, it is organised by the East Village association in collaboration with the Associazione Culturale L’Officina in Trieste, the Comitato Trieste Contemporanea-Dialoghi with l’Arte dell’Europa Centro Orientale, the Associazione Culturale Hope, Daniele Capra and Anna Tulisso. Main partner: Altevie Technologies.
The project is supported by the Provincia di Udine and the Comune di Trivignano Udinese.

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