RAVE Workshop starting tomorrow!

Tomorrow the RAVE Workshop will start tomorrow with Adrian Paci, artist internationally rewarded. Albanian, living in Milan for 15 years, Paci is professor at the Iuav Venice and present with many of his works in major museums around the world (MOMA and Guggenheim NY , Pompidou and Tate Modern LONDON PARIS). The Workshop is part of the first edition of RAVE East Village Artist Residency, a project  by international artist and Isabella Tiziana Pers collaboration with Giovanni Marta – Altevie Technologies – and a team of cultural associations (L’Officina, Triestecontemporanea, Etrarte and Hope). “It ‘s a bold project that allows us to make a great leap – said the mayor Trivignano Udinese, Roberto Fedele at a press conference held June 1 in the splendid setting of the Cà Nigra on the Grand Canal in Venice – going beyond jurisdictional boundaries and opening the confrontation between different cultures in Europealso stressed ‘the importance of enhancing the local growth but also social culture.” In fact, the workshop will be held in the sixteenth century farmhouse located in Trivignano Udinese held under management by the Pers family for more than two decades in which dozen horses, donkeys, goats and other animals currently live, most of which were subtracted from slaughter through artistic performances by Tiziana Pers A charming and natural environment in which the modesty of the country becomes a real strong point, said Adrian Paci at the press conference, citing that the size reflects Pasolini’s never predictable Nature. To participate in the workshop are 13 young artists (Henry Bernardis (FVG / I), Rok Bogataj (SLO), Rita Coreddu (I), Nicola Genovese (I), Peter Mele (I), Ryts Monet (FVG / I), Laura well (FVG / I), Massimo Premuda (FVG / I), Nada Prlja (MK-UK), Marc Schmitz (D), Lara Trevisan (FVG / I), Leonardo Ulian (FVG / I), Filip Van Dingenen (B ) Veliscek Aleksander (SLO), 6 in the region Friuli Venezia Giulia and 7 by a European jury of experts selected from the 120 applications received by the international ban, which will live in close contact with the ‘master artist.

The works will be exhibited during the event “Imagine the time” to be held in the historic villages of Clauiano 24, September 25, 2011.
This is the first edition of RAVE, a project linked to the contemporary arts dissemination and experimentation, which will be repeated, the intention of the organizers, annually.

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