(Italiano) RAVE around PALERMO

(Italiano) RAVE around PALERMO


disegni di Tiziana e Isabella Pers

testi di Iara Boubnova, Leonardo Caffo, Daniele Capra, Giuliana Carbi, Nico Covre, Mylène Ferrand, Pietro Gaglianò, Valentina Sonzogni

project by RAVE East Village Artist Residency

Spazio Y, Palazzo Savona, via Roma 203, Palermo

June 15 / 26  2018

OPENING June 16, 6 / 9 pm


RAVE East Village Artist Residency will be present with the installationRAVE around PALERMO –  at the European Biennial of Contemporary Art MANIFESTA 12- The Planetary Garden. Cultivating coexistence,  at the collateral event BORDER CROSSING, project of Bridge Art (curated by Lori Adragna with the assistance of Helia Hemedani) in collaboration with Dimora Oz (Andrea Kantos) and Casa Sponge.

The exhibition RAVE around PALERMO will be open from 15 to 26 June at Spazio Y, Palazzo Savona, via Roma 203, Palermo. The official opening will take place on Saturday 6 June from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm.


RAVE will also take part in the program of public talks to be held on June 14 and 15, from 17:00 to 21:00, in KaOZ (Dimora Oz), in Via Francesco Riso 55 (Piazza Magione), with focus on the theme [dialogue practices between ethical and political responsibility of Italian art residences in times of crisis, international migration and cultural nomadism].


RAVE around PALERMO is part of a project born within Giuseppe Stampone’s great map for!the Seoul Biennal of Architecture and Urbanism, and it consists in exporting the practices of RAVE, contextualizing them in other green places on the other side of the planet: Isabella and Tiziana Pers bring RAVE animals rescued from slaughterhouse or other violent situations within the wonderful public parks of Palermo, by the means of drawing.

In order to consider the effects of the anthropocene and evaluate the consequences on food we

must envision the possibility of a new posthuman era capable of abandoning the anthropocentric paradigm in favor of models of coexistence with an interest in a biocentric perspective. We are not able to predict the forms, the way tomorrow’s humans will live, but we can practice alternative ways, different from the current dominant model.

Drawing makes it possible to set other animals in the centre of the city, no longer raised for food, or imprisoned, but totally free, in a surreal displacement: a sketched evocation of utopia. Like ‘images of resistance’, all these living beings from a small village in the countryside in Italy visually become part of the population of great cities of the world. A resistance that is even more necessary when the image itself betrays the impossibility of being realized, in a world so much anthropized to have invaded every habitat.

In dialogue with the drawings, the installation provides for a series of textual interventions that arise from experiences shared at RAVE written by Iara Boubnova, Leonardo Caffo, Daniele Capra, Giuliana Carbi, Nico Covre, Mylène Ferrand, Pietro Gaglianò, Valentina Sonzogni.


RAVE is a project conceived by Isabella and Tiziana Pers that deals with the role of contemporary art in relation to the otherness represented by animals, and with the need to rethink ourselves through biocentrism and antispecisism. It takes place in a rural environment in Friuli inhabited by animals saved from the slaughterhouse and now cared for in a natural environment.

Artists hosted from 2011: Adrian Paci, Ivan Moudov, Regina Josè Galindo, Diego Perrone, Tomàs Saraceno, Igor Grubić, Giuseppe Stampone.

RAVE is devised by the artists Isabella and Tiziana Pers with Giovanni Marta, and realized in collaboration with TriesteContemporanea, Musiz Foundation, OIPA, Gallinae in Fabula, with the support of Region Friuli Venezia Giulia and the main partner Vulcano.