RAVE 2017 with IGOR GRUBIĆ | 1 – 4 June

RAVE 2017 with IGOR GRUBIĆ | 1 – 4 June

RAVE 2017 with IGOR GRUBIĆ | 1 – 4 June

Igor Grubic, Do animals dream about freedom?, work in progress, RAVE 2017  _thanks to Bjørk









The 6th edition of RAVE — East Village Artist Residency will be held between Thursday 1st and Sunday the 4th June 2017. An artistic project by Tiziana and Isabella Pers in collaboration with Giovanni Marta, this year’s edition will focus on the roles and responsibilities of contemporary art in relation to animal otherness and, more generally, to the need to rethink the world and ourselves in a perspective of biocentrism, considering life in all its complexity of forms, and not only focusing on that of human beings.


Once again this summer, RAVE hosts an internationally renowned artist at the farmhouse in the historic village of Soleschiano, home to the animals that Tiziana Pers has saved, which are now welcomed and cared for in a more natural context. Today the little lambs The Master and Margarita, the horses Copper and Wendy, the donkey Toni Romeo and the cow Ugola (adopted by a near stable) live togheter in the historic village of Soleschiano.


The Croatian artist Igor Grubic (Zagreb, 1969) is this year’s guest. He is devising and producing an artistic project that interacts with the context, noted for its remarkably authentic nature and where it is possible to engage with the physical nature of the environment without any kind of filter.


Igor Grubic states: “Together with rave I am making a video in the former slaughterhouse in Gorizia, near the Italian border. The place has recently been purchased by Biolab, a company that produces vegetarian and vegan food, and they are gradually getting rid of all the elements that were part of the ‘dis-assembly line’ in order to transform the space, I am particularly interested in that which cannot be seen and the psychological aspects of that which happens within the ‘black boxes’ of slaughterhouses.”

The former slaughterhouse filmed by Grubić is a place that epitomizes absence. We can still recognize the traces of what this place once was, and it is here that we see a single presence passing before the video camera. This is Bjork, a dog adopted from a shelter, which is the only animal to have entered that slaughterhouse and come out alive.


RAVE offers the chance to meet the artist: on Thursday the 1st of June at 6:30 pm at Trieste contemporarena (via del Monte, Trieste). Here the artist will take part in videospritz, a talk where Igor Grubic will present his research work in conversation with Iara Boubnova, and where a number of videos about his work will be shown.


On the 2nd of June at 6 pm, Igor Grubic will take part in Dialoghi sotto l’ombrellone on the beach at Grado. He will talk with Giuseppe Stampone on the subject of “Ethics before aesthetics? Interaction inside and outside the world of art, from the role of form to socio-political action”. Pietro Gaglianò is the moderator of the meeting, which is organized with the collaboration of GIT Grado Impianti Turistici (Settimo Cielo beach entrance, viale Regina Elena, Grado, Go).

“We imagine a dialogue on the seashore as the opening of a contemporary debate outside designated spaces, an immersion in a reality in physical and metaphorical continuity with the natural elements, on the threshold of the expanse of an other world, sharing a time where the barriers between speakers and public disappear. Participants are even invited to bring a beach towel to sit on to participate in the event.” Says Tiziana Pers.


The Croatian artist will meet local art high school and university students at RAVE, in Manzano/Borgo di Soleschiano (UD), via Giulia Piccoli, on Saturday the 3rd of June at 10 am. Booking is required, please send an e-mail to info@raveresidency.com by the the 1st June.


On Sunday the 4th of June at 5pm the event La domenica del Villaggio will host a round table under the ancient mulberry tree at Villa Piccoli-Brazzà-Martinengo in the main square of Borgo di Soleschiano. The meeting will start with Igor Grubic’s research at RAVE, and the conversation will develop from this with all the guest and the public.

Iara Boubnova, Giuseppe Stampone, Mirta D’Argenzio, Mylen Ferrand, Maurizio Bortolotti, Pietro Gaglianò, Adriana Rispoli and Giulia Mengozzi/PAV Torino will be in dialogue with the artists.

Presented by Tiziana Pers; moderated by Daniele Capra.


The RAVE crowd funding campaign will be launched on Thursday the 1st of June, the day the residency starts. The aim of the campaign is that of supporting the artistic research carried out at rave and contributing to supporting the animals which were saved and now live in Borgo di Soleschiano. To learn how to contribute to the project visit http://www.raveresidency.com/crowdfunding.


RAVE Residency is part of THE INDEPENDENT, a project by the Fondazione MAXXI in Rome, developed from an idea by Hou Hanru, director of MAXXI, and curated by Giulia Ferracci and Elena Motisi. The Independent is a platform for innovative, independent and experimental groups selected from Italy and abroad.



Igor Grubic. Biography.

Igor Grubic (Zagreb 1969) lives and works in Zagreb. Igor Grubic believes art to be a form of moral and political activism and many of his activities are undertaken in public spaces.

Igor Grubic has exhibited his works at Manifesta 9 in Genk, MoMA PS1 in New York, Gwangju Biennale 20th Anniversary Special Project, Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Motorenhalle in Dresden, the New Society for Visual Arts in Berlin, the Museum of Modern Art in Vienna, the 11th Istanbul Biennial, and Manifesta 4 in Frankfurt. His works are held in numerous public and private collections: Tate Modern Gallery, London; Kadist Art Foundation, Paris; ART Collection Deutsche Telekom ACT, Berlin; Kontakt The Art Collection of Erste Group, Vienna; Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade; Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb; Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka; Art Gallery, Split; Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz.



RAVE East Village Artist Residency / is a project by the artists Isabella and Tiziana Pers in collaboration with Giovanni Marta.

created by / associazione di promozione sociale East Village

in collaboration with / Comitato Trieste Contemporanea-Dialoghi con l’Arte dell’Europa Centro Orientale, Associazione Gallinae in Fabula, OIPA-Organizzazione Internazionale Protezione Animali, Musiz Foundation (Sofia, Bulgaria), ALL Associazione Laureati in Lingue dell’Università di Udine.


organization / Daniele Capra (independent curator and journalist, writing for Artribune, Gruppo Espresso and Il Manifesto), Giuliana Carbi (art historian and curator, director of Trieste Contemporanea), Giovanni Marta (art collector and founder of  Vulcano unità di produzione contemporanea), Isabella Pers (artist), Tiziana Pers (artist), Martina Peruch (art historian and deputy director Didattica Museale Arteventi Fvg)

main partner / Vulcano unità di produzione contemporanea

with the participation of / Biolab Vegetarian & Vegan Organic Food, Filiera del Legno Fvg

with the contribution of / Regione Autonoma Friuli Venezia Giulia

with the support of / Comune di Manzano


previous RAVE artists-in-residence:

2011 – Adrian Paci, Inside the Circle, video

2012 – Ivan Moudov, Stones, installation

2014 – Regina Josè Galindo, La oveja negra, performance

2015 – Diego Perrone, Piedi, video

2016 – Tomás Saraceno, work in progress








RAVE-East Village Artist Residency

Borgo di Soleschiano (Via Giulia Piccoli), Manzano (Ud)

From Thursday 1 to Sunday 4 June 2017









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